2015 Fall Newsletter

Upcoming Events

UNO High School Day
December 5, 2016; 9a-4p
UNO – HPER Building


Concussion Movie & Social
January 3, 2016, Time TBA
The Majestic Theater (144th & Maple St.)

37th Annual MAATA Meeting & Symposium
March 17-19, 2016
Springfield, MO at University Plaza Hotel

NSATA 2016 Summer Conference

June 9-10, 2016
Wayne, NE


67th NATA Clinical Symposia & AT Expo
June 22-25, 2016
Baltimore, MD

Executive Board

Danielle Kleber, ATC

Mike Sloup, ATC
Vice President

Mike Roberts, ATC
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Crystal Kjar, ATC

Rusty McKune, ATC
Past President

President’s Message

A Christmas Carol

Greetings everyone!  Yes, I know it’s a corny play off the story of Scrooge, but I’m doing it anyway…

The Ghost of NSATA Past
For many of you, the recent history of the NSATA is already a thing of the past but I want to take a quick moment to reminisce with you.  (You’ll understand why soon).  Board members before us have worked very hard to stabilize the organization and loved our awesome profession.  They had to get knee deep in the weeds and were the ones who were responsible for all of the planning, work, and evaluating – constantly scrutinizing every expenditure, every decision, every move.  I mention all of this because to forget this and to lose gratitude for that time and effort would be short sighted of us and lead us right back to the weeds.  It would also be a terrible thing if we chose by inaction to head back to that stage.

The Ghost of NSATA Present
Because I’ve had the good fortune to be part of a board that was coming off of survival and stabilization and has now shifted to engagement and strategic planning, I understand how fortunate we are to be at this crossroads.   There are so many fun things happening right now and you see them now in our newsletters, on our website, or on social media.  As a board we’ve been solidifying some of the stability factors like selecting an investment firm, starting the investigation into working with a PR firm, and laying the foundation of meeting with legislators and others in our communities that can align or support our issues.  However, one of the most powerful opportunities I feel our board has is the strategic planning retreat we’ve scheduled for January.  We’ll be working with an outside consultant to really dive into preparing our organization to see continuity as boards change, take advantage of opportunities that are at our doorstep, and plan for continued growth.  I can’t express enough how excited I am to be part of this process!

The Ghost of NSATA Future
The reason understanding where we came from and planning for the future is important is because there are lots of things happening in the world of athletic training right now that are creating a monumental shift.  There has been a stream of terrible news surrounding athletic related deaths, concussion issues, and other sad situations as well as a big change in our education process.  I know it sounds callous, but these unfortunate situations also present opportunities for us to champion the work of athletic trainers.  That will come with challenges though and the NSATA has to be positioned to support the shifting times as well as support the professionals we serve (you!).  It sounds great to think that all schools might someday require athletic trainers, but do we have the work force to meet that need?  Are there other professionals that may see this opportunity and step in ahead of us?  What about treating in conjunction with other sports medicine professionals as their roles change?  These are just a few of the questions that are before us and we have to look into the future and be intentional about what we do as an organization.
Being part of the NSATA is truly a labor of love, as I think it is for all involved, so that is why I get so passionate about the organization and our future.  I also want it to be an association that works for it’s members, so please reach out to me if you ever have ideas or concerns, want to get involved, or need anything.  You can also follow me or tweet at me on Twitter – @NSATAPresident.

Thanks so much for a piece of your time this busy holiday season.  Bill, Ruby and I hope you experience much joy this Christmas!

Officers Nominations are Due

If you or anyone you know is interested in serving on the Executive Board for the NSATA, now is the time to get

involved. The Nominations Committee is accepting officers nominations for the following elected offices: President,

Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer. If you are interested in nominating a member please, consult with that

individual prior to submitting their name to make sure they are interested in running for office. The Nominations

Committee would like to receive all nominations by December 11, 2015.

Nomination forms can be found on the NSATA website or by clicking on the following link:


NSATA Budget Requests:

NSATA Committee Chairs,

The NSATA Finance Committee is currently working on the next Fiscal Year’s budget (FY April 1, 2016 – March 31,

2017).  At this time, I am requesting all Committee Chairs evaluate their current activity status and future

agendas/plans.  If you are in need of monetary assistance to help accomplish your goals, please submit an

itemized and detailed budget request for the upcoming year.  If we do not receive an official budget request,

please understand that all requests received at later dates may be denied.  This is your opportunity to make your

committee more active throughout this next year!  **The Finance Committee and Executve Board will try to honor

budget requests based on discretion, the overall operating budget needs and numbers, and anticipated annual


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  Please submit any budget request to me by

Thursday, December 31, 2015 (but the sooner, the better).


Aaron Madsen, NSATA Finance Committee Chair

402-641-2509 (C)

308-236-7016 Ext. 28 (W)

2015 NSAA Fall Championships

With the 2015 NSAA fall state championships coming to a close, we want to take this opportunity to thank all

the athletic trainers who volunteered to help cover these events. We had 33 ATs working 5 different sports at 14

different venues. This includes Girls Golf in Norfolk, Columbus, and North Platte; Softball in Hastings; Boys Tennis

in Lincoln and Omaha. The UNK sports medicine team hosted the Cross Country meet in Kearney. Volleyball was

hosted in Lincoln at 7 different locations across Lincoln and the Football championships were held at Memorial


The ATs who worked these events worked approximately 288 hours covering these 5 different sports. Thanks for

your service and representing the NSATA while providing outstanding medical care for Nebraska’s student athletes.

The NSATA would also like to thank our site coordinators for all of their time in making these fall championships

successful: Kurt Behrhorst – Golf, NSAA Championsips Chair, Rob Marshall – Lincoln, Scott Martens – Omaha, &

Pat Liebsack – Hastings.

If you are interested in helping with the winter championships, sign up today!  It’s never too early to get your name


Visit www.nsata.org/athletic-trainers/nsaa-championships/ for more information on event dates and contact

information for each of the site coordinators.

NSATA Store and Membership Apparel Order

We are very excited to introduce the opening of the NSATA Store. Since we are in the

initial/trial phase of the NSATA Store, we are offering only polos at this time.  There is a mens and womens polo

option in the colors of either red or black with the NSATA logo. If the NSATA Store is successful we will start to

roll out more products with an increased color palette.  We encourage you to check out the polos on the website

and order yours today. www.nsata.org/shop

Young Professionals Distinction Award and Grants

The Young Professionals Distinction Award deadline has been extended.  If you know of a young professional

who has made a definitive impact on the athletic training profession and association at the various levels of

organization (national, district, state), please nominate them today.  The new deadline is December 31st, 2015.

The Young Professionals Committee has also extended their deadline for a MAATA Annual Meeting Travel

Grant, worth up to $300.00.  The new deadline is December 31, 2015. Click on this application form to apply for this


You may also contact Cassie Metzer at for more nomination information and forms.

“Concussion” movie and social gathering

What:  NSATA social to see “Concussion”

Who:  NSATA members and family members, Athletic Training students from UNO, UNL, UNK, & NWU

When:  January 3, 2016 (Time TBA, but plan on afternoon)

Where:  The Majestic Theater, Omaha, NE  (144th & Maple St.)

Why:  Have fun and discuss the movie with other professionals.  Great opportunity for students to network as GA

positions and internships will be starting to become available.

RSVP by December 14, 2015 so we can give the theater and the Kleber’s a head count.

**Note: Purchasing of movie ticket(s) is the responsibility of the person(s) attending.  If we get a large enough group

there may a group discount, but otherwise plan on standard movie prices.

There will be a social to follow at the Kleber’s house; 13441 Sahler St., Omaha, NE  68164.  Beverages and a

light snack will be provided.

Please visit the website at https://www.nsata.org/home/concussion-movie-rsvp/ to RSVP for both the movie and social.

A huge thank you to Jen Krueger for all of her hard work in organizing this social for everyone, and to Eric Smoyer

for making the RSVP and other information available on the website.

Call for Public Relations Committee Chair
The NSATA Executive Board is currently requesting members interested in chairing the NSATA Public RelationsCommittee.  Below includes the responsibilities and duties of the PR committee chair.

NSATA by-laws:

(I) Public Relations – Chair and committee members appointed by the Chair shall be responsible for facilitating

duties for public relations and promoting the profession of Athletic Training to the medical community, coaching

community, and general public in the State of Nebraska.

  1. The Chair of this Committee shall serve as a member of the Hall of Fame Committee.
Duties included for the committee:
  • Engage NSATA members in continued development of the PR committee.
  • Post and monitor all social media outlets of the NSATA.
  • Collaborate with all NSATA committee chairs to promote the profession of Athletic Training and NSATA events.
  • Collaborate with the NSATA EB secretary to post all appropriate communications via social media.
  • Plan and organize NSATA sponsored events related to NATM (March).
  • Secure and collaborate with outside PR firm to promote the profession of Athletic Training.
  • Manage and distribute press releases and other communications related to Public Relations.
  • Report on all Public Relations committee activities quarterly to the NSATA EB.
  • Plan and submit annual budget to NSATA finance committee.
  • Other duties as determined by the NSATA EB.
Committee Chairs
Clinical & Emerging Practice
Brooke Hughes, ATC

College & University Athletic Trainers
Samantha Wilson, ATC

College & Unviersity Athletic Training Students
Adam Rosen

Amy Behrhorst

Don Watt
Aaron Madsen

Michael Roberts


Governmental Affairs
Jason Ensrud
Hall of Fame
Mike Sloup

History & Archives
Danielle Kleber


Honors, Awards, Nominations & Memorial Resolution
Mike Petersen

NSAA Championship
Kurt Behrhorst
Rob Marshall

Scott Martens


Public Relations & Webmaster Advisory
Jen Krueger
Public Relations
Eric Smoyer


Mike Roberts

Scholarships & Research Grants
Drew Erks

Secondary Schools
John Carda

Young Professionals
Cassie Metzner