About Us


The mission of the NSATA is to lead and foster the continued growth and development of athletic trainers as healthcare professionals in Nebraska through representation and advocacy.



The NSATA is a visionary and proactive healthcare professional organization committed to the advancement of athletic training. We equip our members with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to deliver athletic training services as part of an interdisciplinary team in an ever-changing environment.



The Executive Board is the governing body of the NSATA.  It is composed of elected offices: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Past President, or other past officer.



The Nebraska State Athletic Trainers’ Association (NSATA) is committed to the advancement, encouragement, and improvement of the athletic training profession in all its phases in the State of Nebraska. The NSATA will promote better working relationships among those individuals interested and involved with problems inherent in caring for the health and well being of the especially active.

The purpose of the NSATA is threefold:

  • To enhance the professional capabilities of each of its members
  • To serve the common interest of the membership by encouraging and providing the opportunity for the free exchange of ideas among members of the athletic training profession.
  • To meet the specific needs of NSATA members in Nebraska

The philosophy of the NSATA will center first on addressing the needs of the physically active and second to address the problems and concerns of the NSATA membership in a timely and expedient manner. The NSATA will expect all its members to comply with the NATA Code of Ethics and NATA’s Membership Standards, Eligibility Requirements, and Membership Sanctions and Procedures.

The NSATA will strive to assist its members in establishing athletic training as the leading profession providing quality health care services to the physically active.