Committee Budget Request

Please submit your annual budget request for your committee below. Please be as detailed as possible and include any reasoning and justification for expenses if needed. This will help us to better understand what funds will be used on.

Be sure to keep record of all expenses for your committee for a report submission at the end of the fiscal year. This will help us to better understand what funds are used on and if all funds have been utilized.

FINANCE: Committee Budget Request
Your spreadsheet *must* include all line items, costs and totals and you will still require a justification or your request will not be prioritized.

Maximum file size: 10MB

Line Items

Use the "Add" button to add multiple line items for your committee or category. DO NOT submit separate forms for each item you need. Please be thorough in your description to ensure the needs and appropriateness of funds.
To ensure proper allocation of funds, please justify the need for this budget and how it will benefit the membership/organization