Member Listing Request

If you would like a copy of our NSATA list for OFFICIAL NSATA COMMITTEE PURPOSES, please fill out the information form below. The Executive Board will review your request and release information as appropriate. Please note this is a controlled list containing important member information so please request only what you need for OFFICIAL NSATA COMMITTEE duties.

This information is confidential and will not/should never be released to any third parties outside of the NSATA. In doing such without explicit consent from included parties, violates federal privacy acts and subject to associated punishments. Records for auditing purposes will be kept indefinitely.

Membership List Request
If no specific date, please estimate. Note it may take up to 30 days to process the request.
This helps the board make a decision to release this information so be detailed but brief.
Please select only information pertanant to the scope and duties of your committee
Please select the member types you would like included