NSATA Branding

To maintain the NSATA Brand the board has set forth limitations on usage of NSATA logos, stationary and utilization of the association name to association related business and promotion only. When using any NSATA branded materials please abide by the following guidelines:
  • All members of the NSATA have right to use NSATA branded materials for promotion and representation of the association as well as showing association membership.
  • The logo should remain intact. Avoid placing other elements either within or on top of the clear space surrounding the logo.
  • Do not change, modify or redraw the logo in any way.
  • Do not separate the type and ‘AT’ portions from the logo.
    • Separation may be granted for special circumstance with Executive Board approval. Please Contact Us for further information.
  • The NSATA Logo may be re-sized to fit needed space but must maintain the original proportions, quality and colors.
  • Logos and NSATA branded colors are limited to the following standardized hex codes listed below.
  • Any question regarding use of NSATA branding, permissions, etc. may be directed to the NSATA Public Relations Chair at

Here you will find copies of original NSATA materials, documents, letterhead, logos, etc. Please feel free to download a copy to use only for official NSATA related business.

NSATA Colors:

When utilizing the NSATA brand, please follow the following guidelines regarding use of colors for logos and styling.

NSATA Red#991B1E153/27/3026/99/89/25
NSATA Blue#0431524/49/82100/79/42/37
NSATA Grey#31313149/49/4970/60/56/67
NSATA White#FFFFFF255/255/2550/0/0/0


You have the option to download the PNG format with a transparent background for documents, etc. or you can download the PDF for screen printing, banners, billboards, etc. Please do not change the colors, styling, or dimensions. If re-sizing, please do so proportionally.

(If you require a specific format, please contact with the specifications and what it will be used for.)

Members: You may request a logo to be created to represent your committee. Just use the Contact Us to make a request.

For Light Backgrounds:



For Dark Backgrounds:




Letterhead Document Template


If you are giving a presentation on behalf of the NSATA, you may download the template below with the NSATA branding already incorporated.

NSATA PowerPoint Template