NSATA Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Instructions

            The highest honor a member of the NSATA can receive is induction into the NSATA Hall of Fame.  The NSATA invites eligible and deserving athletic trainers for this prestigious honor and be recognized for their contributions to the profession of athletic training.


To be eligible for this award, any worthy individual, regardless of race, religion, sex, disability, national origin, military status, sexual orientation, gender, or posthumously based on contributions to the athletic training profession who have brought distinction to the NSATA or have been recognized as having given superior service to the NSATA.  The criteria used for these nominees are as follows:

  • Must have been a member of the NATA for at least twenty (20) years by induction year.  (All ATs with 19 or more NATA membership years are eligible for nomination.)
  • Must have been a practicing athletic trainer in the State of Nebraska for at least ten (10) years.
  • Must have been a member of the NSATA for at least eighty (80) percent of the years of service in Nebraska.
  • Must have been licensed in Nebraska.
  • Must have a clean professional record.  Any objective evidence (criminal record, evidence of disciplinary action, etc.) to suggest otherwise, will result in disqualification.

** Any NATA or MAATA Hall of Fame member which meets all of the above criteria is automatically inducted into the NSATA Hall of Fame. **

Nominations are submitted by any voting member of the NSATA through their Hall of Fame Committee representatives.  The Hall of Fame Committee will consist of the following NSATA members:  Awards and Nominations, the Connections and Engagement Chair and 2 Members of the NSATA Hall of Fame.  The Hall of Fame Committee will be chaired by the Vice President.  The purpose of this committee is to review all nominations for the NSATA Hall of Fame and determine not more than five (5) candidates for induction in any three year period.  Nomination forms will be made available through the Hall of Fame Committee (please visit www.nsata.org to obtain nomination form) and shall be returned to the Hall of Fame Chair by a date set by the HOF Chair contingent to their timeline every third (3rd) year beginning in 2011 (i.e. 06/01/11, 06/01/14, 06/1/17 etc).  In addition to the recommendation by the sponsor of the candidate, three (3) supportive letters of recommendation are to be solicited by the sponsor from the following:


  1. An employee (i.e. administrator, staff athletic trainer, coach, etc.) from nominee’s place of employment, emphasizing community and/or job related accomplishments.
  2. Two (2) athletic trainers within Nebraska not employed by the nominee’s employer (nominator not eligible).

These letters should detail character of the individual and contributions which would make the nominee an appropriate choice for the NSATA Hall of Fame.  These must also be received by the Hall of Fame Chair by July 28th, 2023 so that all information can be sent to the committee members as a whole.

Each nominee will be contacted by phone and in writing by the Hall of Fame Chair and sent an application which requests vital information about the nominee.  This includes:  education, professional certification, career history, resume or curriculum vitae, etc.  The nominee’s application must be received by the Hall of Fame Chair by September 1st,2023.

The Hall of Fame Chair shall distribute all required materials to each Hall of Fame Committee member by September 1st, 2023 with a scoring tool and ballot to rank each individual nominee.  The complete scoring tool and ballot shall be returned to the Hall of Fame Chair by September 14th, 2023.  The Hall of Fame Chair will tally the scores and ballots and determine the point totals for the five (5) highest candidates, assuring minimum point requirement is met prior to June 15th.  The inductees will be announced at the annual NSATA Summer Education Conference, where a formal ceremony will be hosted by the Hall of Fame and Awards and Nominations Committees for the inductee(s), family, friends, and colleagues.  The nominee(s)’ names will be publicized via the following marketing mediums:  NSATA, MAATA, and NATA Newsletters; newspapers, news stations, alumni organizations, employers, press releases, NSATA website, etc. of the induction year.

NSATA Hall of Fame:

  1. Inductees receive an 8” X 10” vertical plaque.
  2. The Hall of Fame will be housed at the University of Nebraska-Kearney.  A 12” X 16” landscape portrait plaque with an autobiography will be made for viewing.
  3. A Hall of Fame Ring will be given to recipients.

Revised 7/2023