NSATA SEC Host Site Proposal Form

Being the site host for a Summer Education Conference (SEC) does not mean you plan the conference by yourself.  Each site host is a valuable member of the Education Committee.  You will provide local knowledge, such as: no or low cost venues for the conference and awards event, housing options, possible sponsorship options, local talent for speakers and catering options.  The Education Committee collaborates with you, plans the meeting with you, and then takes care of all the details.  If you have ever desired specific topics to be presented at a SEC, being a site host would allow you to take an active role in providing such topics in the education program.

It is EASY to become a potential site host.  Complete the NSATA Summer Education Conference & Awards Host Site Proposal Form below and click SUBMIT.  The form will be sent to the Education Committee Chair automatically.  


SEC: Summer Education Conference Site Proposal Form