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Scott D. Martens, A.T.C.

Scott D. Martens developed his love of the Athletic Training profession through his military service. After have several knee surgeries while in the military, Scott was allowed to cross train in physical therapy. While working in physical therapy, his Captain, Mark Blackley, observed that Scott was better with patients that were former athletes or had a desire to improve. Captain Blackley suggested that Scott, upon release from the military, seek out a degree in Athletic Training. Scott took this message to heart, and upon release enrolled at Mankato State University in Minnesota. There he acquired a degree in Athletic Training and soon thereafter arrived in Omaha.

Since being in Omaha, Scott has worked with various sports and teams to include: Omaha Beef, Omaha Vipers, Omaha Mammoths, mixed martial arts, youth sports, high school sports, hockey and rodeo. Scott has been an ACI/Preceptor for the University of Omaha, adjunct professor, high school teacher and guest speaker at many organizations. While working with the NSATA he became the Sport Medicine Coordinator for State High Championships in Omaha. He was awarded the George F. Sullivan NSATA Athletic Trainer of the Year Award, as well as the Distinguished Service Award from the NSAA.

All of these accomplishments could not have been achieved without the love and support of his wife, Patricia, who lets Scott go out and play – as she puts it. Scott’s two sons Joshua and Andrew also recognized the importance of Scott’s position and appreciate his efforts.