Members and Public: What’s New with the NSATA

To our Members and the Public:

The NSATA has gone through a re-branding of it’s logo and website. Here you can find a summary of where to get information about the new NSATA brand and website.

Logo and Colors

To come into alignment with our National and District organizations, the NSATA has decided to adopt the logo that links us together and let consumers in our state recognize Athletic Training as one brand regardless of the level of organization (state, district or national). With this in mind, the NSATA Executive Board has set forth some guidelines for Official Member Use (requires login – Coming Soon!) as well as Public Use and Education.

NSATA Website

The new website is a reflection to the old but with a cleaner and more simple setup. We desire to keep menus clean and concise to avoid overwhelming visitors, member or public with tons of information. As always, if you have suggestions, you can inform us on our Contact Us page.

Member Login

For simplicity, we have opted to sync member information from the National office with our site. All information, except the password (for security) will be synced and updated regularly. If you need to update your profile information with the NSATA, you will need to login to the NATA site which will then be updated to the NSATA site. Members, please keep an eye out for an e-mail with more information and allowing you to setup your initial NSATA login and password. If you forget your password, you can utlize the ‘Lost my Password’ feature. If you still have troubles logging in, please send us a message on our Contact Us page.

Member logins will allow you to access Member information, Archives, NSATA Brand Templates (Letterhead, PowerPoint, etc.), Save and Auto Fill some forms and more.

NSATA Learning

We are in the process of launching a pilot lesson for earning online CEU’s. Please keep an eye out for a e-mail announcing when this is available.


Committee and Board members now have a new way to collaborate with each other instead of constantly e-mailing documents back and forth to each other. Committee Chairs please watch your e-mail for further instructions or check-out our NSATA Drive page.