Are You HIRTen For A Tank?

The NSATA Secondary School’s Committee has some exciting news! With a BIG thank you to Behlen Manufacturing and the NSATA we present to you the HIRT TANK!! For specs of the Behlen donated tank click here. All athletic trainers who are members of the NSATA may apply for a Heat Illness Recovery Tank (HIRT) for each one of their schools. The Secondary School’s Committee has set up the following application requirements:

Once you have submitted your application the Secondary School’s Committee will review the application. Applications are due July 25th to ensure delivery prior to August 8th. If there are more than 100 submissions the tanks will be granted according to a tier model and order of application approval:

  • Tier 1: Full-time AT at SS school
  • Tier 2: Outreach AT at Multiple Secondary schools
  • Tier 3: College/Universities
  • Tier 4: Alternative Settings

If you are an NSATA member and you do not meet the application requirements, or are not selected, you may go through Andrew Sheridan to obtain a tank for $150. Additional tanks can also be purchased for the $150 fee.

Exertional heat stroke has a 100% survival rate when immediate cooling (via cold water immersion or aggressive whole body cold water dousing) is initiated within 10 minutes of collapse. (KSI)

Please click here to apply for a HIRT Tank. For further questions contact Andrew Sheridan at .