Budget Requests

CommitteeItem/CostGrand Total
Webmaster– Annual Webhosting Renewal – 239.40
– Annual Domain Renewal – 17.95
– NSATA Cloud Hosting – 227.88
– Website Plugins Annual Renewal (Form and Stripe) – 40.00
– Website PDF Plugin Annual Renewal – 25.00

Costs for tech and web operations of the organization

Finance– Meeting and Food – 100.00
– Mileage Reimbursement – 200

Food for Annual Budget meeting as well as reimbursement for mileage for those who have to travel a distance to come to the meeting.

Executive Board– President’s Breakfast – $650

Invitations – $50, Meals – $250, Gift – $325, Misc – $25
Last year we budgeted $625 and the event came in at $481.33. I anticipate the event to come in under budget again, but am requesting the full total based on projections. The event was very well received and I believe it should continue. Thank you!

Governmental Affairs– Lobbyist Cost – $10,000
– Mileage/Parking/Misc. – $250

Costs to keep us up to date with what is going on in the NE Legislature and for meetings with lobbyist as well as rest of committee. Will apply for $4000 Matching NATA GAC Grant to help supplement costs. With the 407 process up and running, costs could change.

Governmental Affairs– Consultant Payments – $4500
– Food for 407 Credentialing Review Meeting – $1000
– Copying/Printing – $250
– Costs for travel and payment for expert testimony at hearings – $2500

Consultant funds approved from NSATA reserves. $100 per meeting for 10 meetings for food (12 average attendance). Costs required for printing documents for technical review committee. Costs for testimony will hopefully be able to be partially offset with discretionary funds.

Committee on Practice Advancement– Committee Meetings- Food/printing – $200

Anticipate further meetings as work through 407 credentialing review specific to COPA and as work to grow committee.

Executive Board– Hotel- SEC – $600
– Hotel- MAATA – 600

High-balled at $150 per room. 2 rooms x $150/room per night.

Executive Board– President discretionary funds – 500
– Meeitngs- Food/Printing – 500

Discretionary funds for president, then food costs for EB meetings.

Hall of Fame– Monitors and USB’s for Electronic HOF at SEC and MAATA – 500
– Retractable Table Top Banner – 60
– Logo-ed table cloth – $160

If have permanent home for Hall of Fame plaques, would like to create electronic scrolling Hall of Fame Display for SEC and MAATA. $200 per 32″ monitor/tv (2). Two USB plugins, power strip, etc. $80. Logo-ed table cloth $160. Table top retractable banner $60

Education– 2021 Event Planning Meal (5 meals at $20/meal) – 100
– Mileage Reimbursement to travel to Columbus for planning meeting (Omaha to Columbus -166 miles) (Lincoln to Columbus – 152 miles) 318 total miles (at $0.58/mile) – 184.44

These expenses will be used for members of the Education Committee for a planning meeting for the 2021 Meeting in Columbus.

History and Archives– Banners for Walk Through History project – 300
– Posters (on PVC) – 200

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the original project to develop a walk through NSATA history was put on hold. The goal is to complete this project by the next Hall of Fame year in 2021. The first step in this is to get the banners and posters made. The banners will be stand up banners that retract into carrying cases and they will have photos and years on them to set up in between decades of memorabilia and posters presenting significant dates in athletic training history in Nebraska. The posters will be posters mounted on PVC so they will be durable enough to use from year to year. The project designs will be submitted to the executive board prior to printing.

Public Relations– Safety in Football Campaign – 4000
– National Athletic Training Month, Promotion items – 1000
– District Meeting in Omaha – 1000
– We need to buy promotional items for our legislators – 500

Safety in Football will be the same as this last year. We need to order higher quality helmet stickers for next year due to the high demand of the campaign.

NATA Month we would like to buy promotional items for State basketball (idea is to get temporary tattoos for the student sections). We would also like to do some sort of a game in February to highlight AT’s married to AT’s (AT Kiss Cam).

District Meeting we would like to find a fun promotional item to have available at the meeting since it is in Nebraska again.

Promotional items for Legislators: Mini first aid kits, water bottles, towels, pens, pencils, notpads. Something small to highlight NSATA to the legislators. (These are also the items we could use for the district meeting)

Third Party Reimbursement Task Force– WATA TPR Symposium – $700

This symposium has the most up-to-date information available from a national perspective. The agenda reflects what is working with TPR across the country, from payor advocacy and engagement to regulatory and GAC updates. The NATA will also be rolling out their new resources for states to use. The NSATA sent Danielle Kleber to this symposium in 2016. Now 3 years later, more payors are on board with new strategies developed. This will us set the course and determine the next steps for this task force.