Budget Requests

CommitteeItem/CostGrand Total
Webmaster– Annual Webhosting Renewal – 239.40
– Annual Domain Renewal – 17.95
– NSATA Cloud Hosting – 227.88
– Website Plugins Annual Renewal (Form and Stripe) – 40.00
– Website PDF Plugin Annual Renewal – 25.00

Costs for tech and web operations of the organization

Finance– Meeting and Food – 100.00
– Mileage Reimbursement – 200

Food for Annual Budget meeting as well as reimbursement for mileage for those who have to travel a distance to come to the meeting.

Executive Board– President’s Breakfast – $650

Invitations – $50, Meals – $250, Gift – $325, Misc – $25
Last year we budgeted $625 and the event came in at $481.33. I anticipate the event to come in under budget again, but am requesting the full total based on projections. The event was very well received and I believe it should continue. Thank you!

Governmental Affairs– Lobbyist Cost – $10,000
– Mileage/Parking/Misc. – $250

Costs to keep us up to date with what is going on in the NE Legislature and for meetings with lobbyist as well as rest of committee. Will apply for $4000 Matching NATA GAC Grant to help supplement costs. With the 407 process up and running, costs could change.

Governmental Affairs– Consultant Payments – $4500
– Food for 407 Credentialing Review Meeting – $1000
– Copying/Printing – $250
– Costs for travel and payment for expert testimony at hearings – $2500

Consultant funds approved from NSATA reserves. $100 per meeting for 10 meetings for food (12 average attendance). Costs required for printing documents for technical review committee. Costs for testimony will hopefully be able to be partially offset with discretionary funds.

Committee on Practice Advancement– Committee Meetings- Food/printing – $200

Anticipate further meetings as work through 407 credentialing review specific to COPA and as work to grow committee.

Executive Board– Hotel- SEC – $600
– Hotel- MAATA – 600

High-balled at $150 per room. 2 rooms x $150/room per night.

Executive Board– President discretionary funds – 500
– Meeitngs- Food/Printing – 500

Discretionary funds for president, then food costs for EB meetings.

Hall of Fame– Monitors and USB’s for Electronic HOF at SEC and MAATA – 500
– Retractable Table Top Banner – 60
– Logo-ed table cloth – $160

If have permanent home for Hall of Fame plaques, would like to create electronic scrolling Hall of Fame Display for SEC and MAATA. $200 per 32″ monitor/tv (2). Two USB plugins, power strip, etc. $80. Logo-ed table cloth $160. Table top retractable banner $60

Education– 2021 Event Planning Meal (5 meals at $20/meal) – 100
– Mileage Reimbursement to travel to Columbus for planning meeting (Omaha to Columbus -166 miles) (Lincoln to Columbus – 152 miles) 318 total miles (at $0.58/mile) – 184.44

These expenses will be used for members of the Education Committee for a planning meeting for the 2021 Meeting in Columbus.

History and Archives– Banners for Walk Through History project – 300
– Posters (on PVC) – 200

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the original project to develop a walk through NSATA history was put on hold. The goal is to complete this project by the next Hall of Fame year in 2021. The first step in this is to get the banners and posters made. The banners will be stand up banners that retract into carrying cases and they will have photos and years on them to set up in between decades of memorabilia and posters presenting significant dates in athletic training history in Nebraska. The posters will be posters mounted on PVC so they will be durable enough to use from year to year. The project designs will be submitted to the executive board prior to printing.

Public Relations– Safety in Football Campaign – 4000
– National Athletic Training Month, Promotion items – 1000
– District Meeting in Omaha – 1000
– We need to buy promotional items for our legislators – 500

Safety in Football will be the same as this last year. We need to order higher quality helmet stickers for next year due to the high demand of the campaign.

NATA Month we would like to buy promotional items for State basketball (idea is to get temporary tattoos for the student sections). We would also like to do some sort of a game in February to highlight AT’s married to AT’s (AT Kiss Cam).

District Meeting we would like to find a fun promotional item to have available at the meeting since it is in Nebraska again.

Promotional items for Legislators: Mini first aid kits, water bottles, towels, pens, pencils, notpads. Something small to highlight NSATA to the legislators. (These are also the items we could use for the district meeting)

Third Party Reimbursement Task Force– WATA TPR Symposium – $700

This symposium has the most up-to-date information available from a national perspective. The agenda reflects what is working with TPR across the country, from payor advocacy and engagement to regulatory and GAC updates. The NATA will also be rolling out their new resources for states to use. The NSATA sent Danielle Kleber to this symposium in 2016. Now 3 years later, more payors are on board with new strategies developed. This will us set the course and determine the next steps for this task force.

Executive Board– Invitations – 50
– Meals – 325
– Gift – 375

Continue this annual even with the goal of keeping past leaders engaged, which will be increasingly important during the process of a legislative bill being pursued.

History and Archives– History of the NSATA video production – 1500.00

The funds requested will be used to create a professional video (10-15 min in length) showing the history of the NSATA and the profession in Nebraska. The vision for this project includes interviews with past and present leaders to highlight how far the association has come in the past 40 years . This video will be completed in time for the 2021 Hall of Fame induction during the State Education Conference and will be shown continually where the Hall of Fame plaques will be housed.

Scholarships and Research Grants– Scholarships x3 – $1500
– Research Grants x2 – $1000

This is the exact same amounts that were used for this years budget. Our hope is to get more individuals applying so that the scholarship and research grants are more competitive. With the first year research grant we had a great number of applicants.

Governmental Affairs– Legislative Boot Camp. We would like to have a legislative boot camp to help prepare us for the legislative session in 2021 where we are planning to drop the updated practice act. – 1500
– Lobbyist. $20,000 base + $10,000 for additional if needed during legislative session – $30,000
– Marketing and Branding for legislator and public education. – $2,000
– Expert Testimony. We may need to have experts come in to testify during legislative hearings. Money would cover professional fees, travel, r/b. This is not typically covered by legislative grant. – $3,000
– Mileage/Parking during hearings – $3500
– Legislative meals (8 meals at $80 each- 4 people/$20 per person) – 640
– GAC Committee Meals- not covered by GAC grant – 750

As you are aware, the NSATA is in the midst of modernizing it’s practice act. We have submitted an application for an NATA discretionary grant. We are requesting $30,000 for the grant and would hope for around $25,000 in a normal year. If we get this, it would mean that the NSATA would be responsible for roughly $16,000. However, I would ask the NSATA Finance Committee and board to approve the full amount so that we are not tied to the NATA for funding, as this years awards may be questionable due to the pandemic. As you know, the NSATA has earmarked funds for GAC for the past 15 years for legislative actions. It has been this strategy that has allowed us to receive close to $60,000 from the NATA during that time, as well as place us in the financial position that we are in. Time and time again, we have utilized legislative battles to justify the request of the membership to help provide coverage during the NSAA championship events. We are now in the midst of this and the changes we are seeking in the practice act will benefit the membership in numerous ways.

I have e-mailed a full copy of the application and budget sheet for the application to Eric Smoyer to add to this file.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Scholarships and Research Grants– Student Research Grants (2 @ $500) – 1000

In the first year that we had research grants we had 4 quality applications with one grant awarded. We expect interest in these grants to grow as more schools transition to the master’s in AT.

Committee on Practice Advancement– Do not anticipate any budgetary needs – 0

Do not anticipate any budgetary needs

407 Workgroup– Printing/Reproduction – $100.00
– Meals for Workgroup – $100.00
– Misc./Parking – $50.00

The 407 Workgroup should be winding down its’ charge by the end of the year. I anticipate several more meetings that may include meals if able to be conducted in-person. There will also be a meeting with Health and Human Services that if in-person would likely require paid parking during the meeting.

Hall of Fame

Uploaded document has justification/explanation of what the NSATA HOF Committee Budget request. Below is a quick breakdown of what we are requestions.

*Food/Drinks for HOF Committee In person meetings $200 (For when/if the HOF Committee meets in person during/after HOF process 2020-2021)
*Lodging for HOF inductees $565 (Ramada by Wyndham room quote: $104.95 plus tax ($104.95 x 7% = $112.30)
*Awards -(Honors & Awards is putting this line item within their budget. Spoke with Mike Peterson on 8/3/2020 in regards to this.)
*Rings $1,500 (In the process of contacting our rep from Jostens.)
*Printing/Production Materials $200 (Cost for HOF banners, programs, invitations ect.)
*HOF Banquet meals for inductees & guests $1,650 (55 guests x $30.00/meal)
**Grand Total: $4115.00**

**It is my understanding that there has been money set aside, from previous budget cycles, to help off set this request. ($1500.00/year x 2 years=$300.00)?

Young Professionals– Social (distancing) gathering-networking – $150
– “Settings” Field Trip-Transportation – $330
– “Settings” Field Trip-Lunch – $100

Social/networking did not happen this last year (District convention was the plan), so those fund were never used. Will try again this year pending status for Covid restrictions.
The “settings” trip is in early planning stages, but I needed to request funds now for use in the spring if it can even happen. The cost estimate is for rental vans. But if numbers are higher, we would possibly have to charge a small fee or find a sponsor to get a bus or more vans. Estimating 2 (10 passenger) rental vans at $140 each. $50 estimated for gas to refuel the vans upon return.
Lunch for the trip would be a simple sandwich/wrap style lunch to keep cost low. Estimating 20 people at $5/person
We have even talked about including other committees or possibly taking it to the district level. But the proposal has not been brought to the board at this time.

Advertising– Travel expenses – 250.00
– Banners – 250.00

Travel expenses will be for when I need to travel somewhere to meet with a potential big sponsor or take them out to lunch. The Banner will be to hang at state events, conferences, etc. The plan would be that it will show each sponsor and what level they are in with their sponsorship to give those businesses a little more of an incentive to donate because their logo will be visible in a high traffic area like that. The size of banner would depend on amount of sponsorships we get.

Public Relations– Safety in Football – $3500
– National Athletic Training Month – $500
– Public Education with Legislative Process – $1000
– Travel/Meals – $250

Safety in Football: We utilized helmet stickers this year and will need to start over with ordering next year. We are growing in numbers, this year we have 50 teams signed up. Money will be for stickers, mailings, and thank you gifts. Stickers may be switching to a different material next year. This will cost us more then it has in the past.

NATM: Money will be utilized for things to pass out at MAATA with it being in Nebraska. Also for printings for campaign pictures and for a snapchat filter at MAATA. The Snapchat filter would be around $250.

Public Education: The money will be for printings and mailings to educate the public on the 407 process. We will also order supplies to pass out as needed to assist in helping the 407 process become more public: ie. pens, notepads, highlighters etc.

Travel/meals: Travel and meals for accomplishing the interviews to complete the 40 year celebration video.

Honors, Awards, Nominations and Memorial Resolution

Order all plaques for the upcoming Hall of Fame event next June. The pricing could change depending on how many individuals get inducted.

Secondary Schools– NSAA Championship Advertisement-Football – 3000
– NSAA Championship Advertisement-Volleyball – 3000
– NSAA Championship Advertisement-Girls’ Basketball – 3000
– NSAA Championship Advertisement-Boys’ Basketball – 3000
– NSAA Championship Advertisement-Wrestling – 3000
– NSATA Advertisement Production – 5000

With this being the NSATA’s 40th year, as well as trying to update the practice act, I thought why not try to get information out to as what an Athletic Trainer does. The goal is the creation and use of a 30 second commercial to run one time per game (6 times throughout the day) during the NSAA Championship events on NET.

Thousands travel to the NSAA Championships and hear our tag during the games, but how many truly listen and understand? Thousands more actively watch the Championships on TV. We have all seen the Brain Injury commercials that run constantly during the games, why not one specifically for and about the NSATA and Athletic Trainers?

I contacted NET, and what I heard back was that an individual commercial can be run at $500 for each 30 second slot. This is where the $3000/event comes from. $500 for 6 commercials throughout the day.

This is the best time to push forward and get our message out. We as Athletic Trainers have taken on the Concussion crisis, and are now on the front lines of dealing with COVID. Lets step out of the shadows and promote ourselves in the fashion we want to be displayed.

Please contact me with any questions

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Drew Erks, MSEd, ATC
Athletic Trainer
Pius X High School
NSATA Secondary Schools Committee

College & University Athletic Training Students

Allocating money for

Scholarships and Research Grants– Student Research Grants (2 @ $500) – 1000

We are requesting the same amount as last year. We received some high quality grants and I think two $500 grants provides some competition, but is still accessible for the majority of students. I would however, request that we can be flexible if we get 3 or 4 that we can “split the pot” potentially to fund more.

Scholarships and Research Grants– NSATA Student Scholarship (1) – 500
– NSATA Student Scholarship (2) – 500
– NSATA Student Scholarship (3) – 500
– NSATA High School ATS Scholarship (1) – 250
– NSATA High School ATS Scholarship (2) – 250

The 3 student scholarships are the “normal” ones that are handed out every ear to athletic training students. This year there would be 3 that would be handed out just like in years past.

This year there would be a new high school student scholarship (working on proposal currently) for a total of $500. It could either be broken up into 2x$250 or 1x$500 depending on interest.

Early Professionals– Social Gatherings – 100
– Welcome “Kits” – 150

Social Gatherings: Hospitality for meetings of committee members and others
Welcome “Kits”: For new ATs (0-6yrs) that have just taken jobs in NE a small welcome kit with items necessary for a new AT (sunscreen, bug spray, list of contacts and important info, NSATA or MAATA pens or lanyards etc.) estimated cost includes shipping

Honors, Awards, Nominations and Memorial Resolution


I requested a ballpark figure $$ for items. I am going off of Mike Peterson’s prices for past awards–but unsure how many 25 year clocks I will need to order this year until I receive the NATA list serve. I would also like to mail the current backlog of 25 year clocks I inherited with taking over this committee (9) total, and I foresee some possible mailing needs next year in the absence of folks attending the annual education conference. My figures may be way off, but I will record and maintain receipts as I move forward with shipping items to folks.

Any questions, please ask!

Thank you

Executive Board

See spreadsheet.

Executive Board

See spreadsheet.

Governmental Affairs– Lobbyist Fees- $20,000 base + $10,000 if additional lobbying efforts are needed – 30,000
– Marketing and Branding for legislator and public education – 2,000
– Mileage reimbursement – 3500
– Legislative Meet and Greets ($15-$20 per person maximum of 49 meetings x 3 people per meeting =147 meals) Budget for 100 – 2,000
– GAC Committee Meals – 750
– Student GAC Boot Camp – 500

Starting the 2nd session of the biennium with our bill sitting in General File.
1. Lobbyist fees will be the same as last year. The $10,000 extra will be unlikely but want to be prepared (did not use the $10,000 from last years request either).

2. Marketing and Branding- separate from what the PR may budget for joint events.

3. Mileage- did not use this amount in 2020 but want to have it for those who wish to exercise the option for reimbursement.

4. Legislative Meet and Greets. We know we will have 49 Senators that we will want to target. Will try to have consolidated meetings with multiple attendees which will reduce cost. If food is not an option due to COVID, may look to have some give aways instead as a part of this (budgeted based on meals but would like the flexibility to go away from meals if COVID does not allow). If we can do both then would look to cover expense with this and the marketing/branding request.

GAC Committee Meals- if needed (did not use last year because all meetings were virtual).

GAC Student Boot Camp- Money used for food/beverages/supplies. Engaging students are part of the work plan for this year.

College & University Athletic Training Students

For the Fall Forum and Quiz bowl I would love to provide food. Also, I would love to explore ways for networking between students from different programs after the fall forum. Maybe bowling or another activity where we mix ATCs and students from different programs. The grand total is $550 for all expenses but those of high priority would equal $300. Please let me know if there are any questions.

Career Advancement Committee– Virtual Social (Bingo Night, Trivia Night, Scattergories) – 75.00
– In-person Social (Mentorship Program or CAC) – 75.00

Virtual socials – funding for snacks & possible shipping cost for snacks.
In-person social – deposit for venue and/or food.
The purpose of the socials is to engage our young professionals and to improve retention of members.

Public Relations– Safety In Football – 3100
– NATM – 750
– Pop-ups – 650
– Public and Senator Education with Legislature Process – 500

Safety in Football: We will need to use the money to purchase more helmet stickers and thank you gifts. We will also need to purchase items for mailings and stamps.

NATM: This will be used to promote NATM to the membership.

Pop-Ups: This will be to purchase amazon gift cards for the pop up winners and also to purchase one grand finale drawing prize for everyone that participates throughout the year.

Legislature Process: This will be in conjunction with governmental affairs for anything they need help with to promote the legislative process.

Committee on Practice Advancement– Meeting to discuss implementation of action items pertinent to committee from strategic plan – 50.00
– COPA Conference – 0

Would like to put together a COPA conference for NSATA members following passage of Practice Act. Intent would be to make this revenue neutral, and would work with Education Committee regarding planning (Could possibly make this part of NSATA SEC).

Advertising– Travel expenses – 250.00
– Banner – 250.00

In hopes to get a banner for education or other events with our main sponsors on it and travel expenses if I need to travel somewhere to meet a potential sponsor.

Secondary Schools– Four Safe Sports School Awards – $600
– Poly Cold immersion tubs (Stock Tanks) – $2000

Secondary Schools Committee would like to request $600 to sponsor/fund four NATA Safe Sports School awards. Each award currently costs $150.

This would allow four schools to apply for funding of their award. This could be given to New awards winners, or at the discretion of the committee could be used to renew and already awarded school.

Poly Tubs:
We would like to sponsor the purchase of cold immersion tubs for smaller schools whose budgets may not be able to provide this item. Depending on the market $2000 will allow us to provide 7-10 of these to schools in need to help prevent and treat heat illnesses.

Third Party Reimbursement Task Force

Due to the current travel restriction policy from the NATA, the NSATA will be responsible for funding this event.

I’m unable to enter Grant Total, but it is $2890

Scholarships and Research Grants– NSATA Student Scholarship (1) – 500
– NSATA Student Scholarship (2) – 500
– NSATA Student Scholarship (3) – 500

The student scholarships will go to 3 well deserving students that have a desire to learn and grow the profession of athletic training.

College & University Athletic Training Students– ACES Registration for UNL Students who are NSATA members – 500
– ACES Registration for NWU Students who are NSATA members – 900
– ACES Registration for Midland Students who are NSATA members – 1100
– ACES Registration for UNK Students who are NSATA members – 900
– Hotel Room for UNK to stay (3 rooms) – 450

ACES is being hosted by UNO this year on December 1st and 2nd. Registration for students is $195 but we are asking for NSATA to pay about half for students who are NSATA members to go to this BOC prep course. The estimated cost for registration would be the max cost as all students who are NSATA members may not want to attend. We are also asking for hotel rooms for UNK to the students can stay in Omaha.

College & University Athletic Training Students– Midland NSATA Student Member registration (15 students) – 525
– NWU NSATA Student Member registration (36 students) – 1260
– UNL NSATA Student Member registration (5 students) – 175
– UNK NSATA Student Member registration (12 students) – 420

We want to get more students to go to the MAATA convention. Normally finances are one of the key factors to students not being able to attend the conference. We are proposing for NSATA student members to have registration paid for. I estimated the registration would be at $35 per NSATA student member.

College & University Athletic Training Students– Quiz Bowl Snacks – 100
– Fall Forum Snacks – 100
– Networking Event for students to meet certifieds – 300
– CUATS in-person meeting once a semester (luncheon) – 150

Snacks for fall forum and quiz bowl. We want to try to host a networking event where Nebraska students can meet Nebraska certified. Details of this event have not been worked out but the idea is that it could take place during MAATA or in the fall related to fall forum. Lastly, CUATS plans to meet in person once a semester for all members who can make it to a luncheon. Normally meetings will take place over zoom but we hope to meet in person twice a year.

Webmaster– NSATA Cloud Annual Hosting – 192.00
– Website Annual Hosting – 299.88
– Website Annual Domain Registration – 19.99
– Annual Website Plugin Renewals – 65.00

Hosting and registration costs for the website and cloud

Scholarships and Research Grants– Student Research Grants (2 @ $500) – 1000

We would like to continue to offer 2, $500 research grants for students. These have been successful as we have received on average about 5 applications/year!

Executive Board– President’s Breakfast – 700

The President’s Breakfast is a good way to keep former leaders connected to the organization, as well as provide a forum to gather feedack in the areas of governmental affairs and other impactful topics.

NSAA Championship– Apparel Order – 5000.00
– Insurance – 5000.00
– Mailing – 50.00

Over the last years we have averaged around 10000.00 for apparel and insurance. I am asking for about 50.00 for mailing of apparel and ID badges.

Honors, Awards, Nominations and Memorial Resolution

Each year this committee makes and purchases rewards for the membership. Athletic Trainer of the year plaque–is purchased annually. The 25 year clocks are also purchased yearly to recognize years of service to the membership. This year (2023), I have budgeted for 10 clocks to be purchased as both the ATOY & 25 years of service awards directly benefits the members of NSATA by displaying visual, and tangible appreciation for their dedication to NSATA. I have included a tentative mailing budget to allow for any mailings of awards for non-in person distribution.
This year this committee is considering looking into a “retired” sort of award (Formal Proposal, not created yet). We are uncertain the direction this award will go, and I have tentatively priced out making pins.

Banner Sign (2 sizes considered) To be utilized at NSATA SEC, when distributing awards, scholarships, etc. These can be shared and utilized by other committees (CEC, EB, Scholarships, History & Archives, GAC) as all members will benefit from publicity efforts and opportunities (Formal Proposal, not created yet).

Please reach out with any questions!

Thank you!

Career Advancement Committee– Bingo Cards – 10.00
– Networking Social Prizes – 80.00
– Miscellaneous unforeseen costs – 10.00

* Each year we have had more participants in the Bingo night. The current online software that we use gives us 30 Bingo cards for free. Last year, we almost hit this threshold. For $10 we can purchase 100 Bingo cards.
* We are planning on having a social in November and a social in February. If we have 4 prizes per social with each prize being $10 = $80.

ATs Care– ATs Care Discretionary Fund – 500

Most of the funding comes from the District Level and I have never needed anything but maybe just set aside $500 in case we need to travel for a debrief or crisis intervention.

Hall of Fame– Hall of Fame Discretionary Fund – 500

I know we will have to get a member list from the NATA and a license list from DHHS to compare to see who is eligible for a Hall of Fame nomination. If there are any incidentals with mailers or anything then there is money to spend. Don’t think it would all be used.

Governmental Affairs

See budget sheet

Executive Board

Travel/Hotel SEC $3,000 Travel/hotel expenses for EB & SLC to SEC (Lexington 2023) (appx $1500 roms, $1500 travel)

Food/Drinks/Miscellaneous $1,000 Food/drinks for in-person executive board meetings/travel to meeting members/stakeholders

MAATA/NATA $1,000 Per the NSATA Bylaws, MAATA/NATA travel expenses reimbursement

Total: $5,000

Education– Meeting Owl 3 – Next Gen 360-Degree, 1080p HHD Smart Video Conference Camera, Microphone, and Speaker (Amazon) – 1100.00
– Planning Trip to Lexington for 2023 SEC – 400.00

The Meeting Owl is a device that combines webcam, microphone and speaker all in one device that will make offering a virtual attendance option for the Summer Education Conference available in the future, regardless of what type of equipment is available at the location we are hosting the conference. These devices have been used for the Grand Island SEC and the NSATA Third-Party Reimbursement Bootcamp in November 2021 with success. Our primary purpose is to use them for the camera and microphone capabilities. Attendees have been asked to relay questions for presenters through the Zoom platform.

The Education Committee tries to coordinate a planning trip to the local site each year in late February/early March to work with local hosts on site selection and look at other venues to host social activities, etc. The planning trip to Lexington covers mileage expenses from Omaha to Lexington roundtrip and meals for up to 6 people while on the planning trip.

Secondary Schools– Safe Sports School Awards – 600
– Expenses for education and finishing HIRT distribution – 2400

In regards to line item 2: Educational opportunities that will require Exec Board approval following pending completion of proposals: Expenses for the opportunities below consist but are not limited to potential travel, lodging, meals, and materials necessary for presenting.

Presenting at AD meetings in Kearney
Presenting at state volunteer firefighters meeting
Presenting at NCA Coaches Clinic
Presenting at Administrator days in Kearney (different than AD meetings)
(Our hope is to knock these out of the park where we will be recognized as the leaders and the NSATA will be asked and compensated to be presenting at such events in the future)

Thank you for possible CEU collaboration event with education committee for the speaker

Early Professionals– Social Event at SEC meeting – 150.00
– Welcome gift for newly certified members – 100.00

Social Event- providing snacks during a break time at the SEC meeting for all Early Professional aged members to meet together and get to know each other/network with each other.
Welcome gift- In addition to sending out the welcome packet virtually to the new certified members at the beginning of August, the EPC would also like to send them a small welcome gift to congratulate them etc (possibly a gift card)

History and Archives

Standard blue background would be utilized for headshots. During the SEC, headshots were offered to the members with good response. If this is something we want to continue to offer members, the backdrop would be helpful. Could be used during other photo opportunities.

Public Relations– Safety in Football (SIF) – Stickers, Thank you gift, mailings – $2500.00
– Pop-up gift cards for winners – $250.00
– Grand pop-up winner at Summer Meeting – $500.00
– Various give away/promotional items for District meeting – $750.00

SIF- We will need to order more helmet stickers next year with an estimated cost of $1500 pending how many teams sign up. We will also need to order a thank you gift for everyone with an estimate of $500. Shipping this year was less due to secondary schools delivering and us not mailing thank you gifts. If we follow what we did in the past it will be around $300.

Pop-ups – We have been doing a drawing for a “winner” for participating in our pop-ups. Each year we request 10 gift cards to give out throughout the year to our winners. We buy these all at once at the beginning of the year upon approval.

Grand Pop-Up Winner – Last year we gave away a Yeti cooler with NSATA decals on it. You were entered into the drawing by participating on social media all year long. Winners must be present at the summer meeting to win. This year we would like to purchase large yard games to give away. We would like to get a custom Corn Hole board with NSATA on it ($300) and a large custom NSATA Janga game ($200). The same criteria would be put on this, must be at SEC to win.

Various items – As different meetings and conferences come up throughout the year we would like to be able to purchase notepads, pens, highlighters, sharpies with NSATA on them to hand out. This money would not be used until a specific cause comes up for it to be justified. With Districts being in LaVista again we like to have NSATA items to hand out to students and new certified ATs that attend.

Sponsorships– Plaque – 105.00
– Plaque – 105.00
– Plaquettes engraving $4.50 a piece (x5) – 22.50
– Shipping (approximately for everything) – 50.00
– Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (per year) – 419.88
– Any travel reimbursement to talk to sponsors – 200.00

Justification for plaques/plaquettes:
The plaques have been presented to our platinum tier ($1000) sponsors as a thank you gift. We hope to have more sponsors who will donate at the platinum tier for the next year. The plaquettes will be given each year the sponsor donates at this level. We want this to be something the companies can display at their offices and be proud of.

Justification for Adobe:
The Adobe Creative Cloud Suite includes Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and other applications. I have personally used the suite for NSATA projects including the Sponsorships annual flyer, HOF invitations, thank you cards, Save the Dates, etc. It would be great if the NSATA could get their own account so all committees could have access to these products. These products can be used to design and enhance print, web, photo, and video items. The $34.99 price is for one license, which would be one user at a time. Any additional licenses would be $34.99 per month. Because we are a non-profit organization, we can qualify for the school/institution price with our 501-C application.

Scholarships and Research Grants– Student Research Grants (2 @ $500) – 1000

We have given out 2, $500 research grants to students over the past several years. We have had an adequate number of high-quality, worthy applications to meet this request. We anticipate potential growth in this area.

NSAA Championship– Apparel for NSATA State Championships – 5000.00
– Professional Liability Insurance – 16000.00
– Mailing – 100.00

The apparel cost is usually about this cost. The insurance has continually increased in cost over the last several years, so I have used last years cost. The mailing cost is for sending out apparel and ID badges, also the cost of replacing folders for the NSAA when damaged or destroyed.

Connection and Engagement– Safety in Sport Campaign – 3000
– Canva – 200
– GAC extra senator hand outs – 1000
– Pop-up prizes/grand prize – 500

SIS: temporary tattoos for athletes to promote ATs, velcro patches for participants that promote campaign and NSATA, thank you cards for participants
Canva: promote state, district, and national events
GAC extra handouts: could do pens and notepads again or we could do small waterbottles/coffee cups to promote NSATA at state capitol
Pop-ups: Gift cards for pop up winners ($20 amazon gift cards), grand prize winner gift (possibly wrapped cooler again) both promote ATs to participate in pop ups and promote AT profession/NSATA

Executive Board

With in the excel document attached, there are comments add to give justification.

Hotel and travel cost for EB/SLC to MAATA, NSATA, and NATA.
Miscellaneous expenses are for food/drink for in person board meetings. For partnership fundraiser events (such as NGF). We talked about making sure we send a representative from the EB to this event in the future.
For the NSATA app, I overestimated this yearly cost just to incase the feature to be able to have members communicate to within the app to each other. This feature has been released this past year, after we lowered our cost.

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Career Advancement– Virtual BINGO Cards – $10.00
– Networking Social Prizes – $80.00
– Unforseen Expenses – $10.00

* Each year we have had more participants in the Bingo night. The current online software that we use gives us 30 Bingo cards for free. For $10 we can purchase 100 Bingo cards.
* We are planning on having a few networking socials this year. If we have 4 prizes per social with each prize being $10, then 8 x $10 = $80.
* $10 for unforeseen expenses.

Early Professionals– Podcast Improvements/advancements. Social events (SEC/MAATA). Welcome basket/gift for Ne grads. – 250.00

We have tossed around the idea of creating a welcome basket type thing for new grads in Nebraska as they enter their early professional stage of life. One other thing is improving the podcast situation by using the budget to pay for unlimited access to the streaming platform we would use to post the podcast episodes. We would also use the budget towards social events like SEC and MAATA, as well as maybe committee shirts. All of which will broadcast the the NSATA and the Early Professionals Committee in a positive manner all with the goals to help new grads in their transition from student life to life as an ATC.

Education– 2024 SEC Planning Day Expenses (see justification below) – 200.00

Each year, members of the Education Committee travel to the host site in late February/early March for a day to meet in-person to discuss plans for the event in June. This item cost would cover gas reimbursement for Sam Wilkins to travel to Kearney, NE from Omaha (17 gallons at $3.50/gallon = $59.50) as well as cover lunch planning meeting for local hosts (Kaz Akehi, Elena Robinson, Scott Unruh, Bill Murphy), members of the Education Committee (Sam Wilkins, Amy Behrhorst, possibly Becky Docter), and members of the Executive Board (Denise Marshall usually attends with Whitney to take pictures and video for promotional items). 9 people @ $15/person = $135 for lunch.

Lunch Meeting – $135
Tank of Gas for Sam Wilkins Travel – $59.50
Total Request Amount = $200.00

Governmental Affairs– Lobbyist – 10,000
– Legislator engagement – 2500
– Marketing and Branding – 700
– Mileage – 1000
– GAC Committee Meals – 300

Lobbying fee’s
Return to Lincoln for Hit the Hill- Food, legislator engagement, membership engagement with legislators
Holiday treats to legislative offices, Cards during the holidays and other special occasions
Mileage reimbursements for travel to Lincoln for legislative activities (has not been used in the past but need to have it budgeted, in the event that someone does want to utilize)
Meals to support in person meetings if/when necessary with committee, lobbyists.

College & University Athletic Training Students

See attached

Honors, Awards, Nominations and Memorial Resolution

Hello Crystal,

Please let me know if you have any questions about my budget request, OR if you are unable to download the Excel document.

Thank you!

Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee

This will be more towards flyers and education about what we do as a profession in english and spanish. it will help us expand and reach out to high schools and collegiate settings about what athletic training is all about.

Marketing & Sponsorships– Golf fundraiser – 5,000

With it being the first year of trying to do a golf fundraiser we are not exactly sure what to expect for costs but felt that $5,000 should cover it.

ATs Care– Cost of Training a few people – $500

We didn’t use this last year but allocated for training additional ATs Care Members or adding additional trainings for current members. Shannon Gehr was interested in taking the training but none were offered at District Convention this past year. Also money for travel if we need to go help someone in person.

Hall of Fame– HOF Reserves – 1000
– Plaques and Rings – 3000
– Travel to meet with members, misc – 1000

Becky is working to figure out ring and plaque costs but overestimating for if 5 people were to get in which would be $1500 just for the rings and we still need to add the plaques. Travel line item has mostly been saved by having Zoom meetings but leaving as a misc expense if needed.

Secondary Schools– Education Expenses – 2400

Educational opportunities that have been approved or will require Executive Board
approval following pending completion of proposals: Expenses for the opportunities
below consist but are not limited to potential travel, lodging, meals, and materials
necessary for presenting.
Presenting at AD meetings in Kearney
Presenting at state volunteer firefighters meeting
Presenting at state EMT meeting
Presenting at NCA Coaches Clinic
Presenting at Administrator days in Kearney (different than AD meetings)
(Our hope is to knock these out of the park where we will be recognized as the
leaders and the NSATA will be asked and compensated to be presenting at such events
in the future)
Thank you for possible CEU collaboration event with education committee for the

Third Party Reimbursement Task Force– Third Party Reimbursement Consultant – $20,000

Cost for obtaining a Third-Party Reimbursement consultant to spearhead the NSATA’s efforts in securing payor reimbursement for AT services. The NSATA TPR taskforce is asking the NSATA board for $20,000 to secure the services of an external consultant. This would include obtaining a Request for Proposal (RFP) to be sent out to potential entities, starting with The Clark Group Associates.

The NSATA TRP Taskforce is made up of volunteers that have knowledge in billing for AT services and subsequent reimbursement processes. However, we do not have the band width for other needed tasks such as establishing and managing payor relationships, growing, and developing a standardized approach to reimbursement, managing the operational, educational, and marketing needs of the NSATA TPR initiative, supporting the implementation of billing with employers, assisting in credentialling, and contracting appeals, managing data, tracking progress, etc. These are the type of services needed to be able to take this TPR initiative forward in a meaningful way. The NSATA TPR Task Force is requesting funds to hire an external consultant to guide securing reimbursement for AT services in NE.

We are asking the NSATA board for permission to send a Request for Proposal (RFP) for an external TPR consultant, starting with Cark Simpson of The Clark Group. This request would include outlining cost, deliverables, potential time frames, and other resources we may need to consider. They would work with not only the TPR but also the GAC since there is the potential for legislative initiatives and collaboration with the NSATA lobbyists. (We have exhausted the resources from the NATA from an education standpoint however they are still available as a resource.) This is similar to hiring Dave Montgomery to help Mike Roberts, and the 407 work-group, navigate through the 407 Process.