Third Party Reimbursement Survey

Athletic Trainers (AT’s) are the premiere health care professionals to provide care to the physically active due to their extensive preparation in functional physical medicine and rehabilitation.  We work in a variety of settings and collaborate with physicians and other health care providers, maximizing the care team and producing exceptional functional outcomes.  Gaining 3rd Party Reimbursement, for services provided autonomously by an athletic trainer, can elevate our overall value to employers, secure better wages and create more jobs.

To that end, the NSATA 3rd Party Reimbursement Task Force is committed to:

  • Removing barriers and solidify positions of athletic trainers as health care professionals among employers, patients and public.
  • Increasing and improving the value of athletic training services to patients, clients and employers.
  • Increasing brand awareness and payor advocacy.
  • Securing recognition and reimbursement with payors consistent with other allied health providers.

To accomplish this, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please complete the following survey, it should take less than 2 minutes. Completing this survey signifies your understanding that this information will be kept confidential within the NSATA 3rd Party Reimbursement Task Force and that you are participating in this voluntarily.

PURPOSE OF SURVEY:  To identify:

  • The number of employers that are allowing their athletic trainers to bill autonomously.
  • The number of athletic trainers within the state that have their NPI number.
  • The number of third party payors who will ultimately reimburse for athletic training services that are being billed autonomously.


  • Autonomous billing – Athletic trainers are the service provider of particular CPT(s) codes AND identified as the billable provider on the claim to payors (i.e. A patient is scheduled to see an athletic trainer, who is the service and billing provider).
  • Facility billing – Athletic trainers are the service provider however the physician is the billing provider. The billing is accomplished under the physicians NPI or institutional tax ID number. (i.e. A patient is scheduled to see the physician and the AT provides a service during that visit).
Third Party Reimbursement Survey

The following questions examine your practice setting.

The following questions are regarding basic demographic information in regards to your current employer.